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Dancingroad-z Tancujucej Cesty

                     German Shepherd Idaho

Satisfied Clients

Aramis z Tancujucej Cesty "Ruger"

For a couple years my husband and I have watched Orin work. We finally got the puppy we had been waiting for with Orin being the Sire. So far the last 5 months have been a joy and learning experience as Ruger grows. We can not wait to mold him into the dog we know he can be with great bloodlines.

Thank you

Janel and Todd

Anna z Tancujucej Cesty CGC

I was lucky enough to get a puppy from Orin and Iris's litter in February 2009. Anna is now almost a year and a half old and the best dog anyone could ask for. Not only is she beautiful, but she is extremely stable in all situations and can go anywhere with me. In fact, I take her with me to work every day where she socializes with people and other dogs, and everyone there loves her. I have put all of her basic training on her, as well as got her CGC certificate in May 2010. She is loyal, driven, and extremely focused. I can't wait to see how she will continue to grow and mature as the years go on.

Franquie Spaulding

 Padma vom Zeder Kämme, BH


your understanding of dogs, especially of working dogs and German Shepherds, and of their owners, is extremely impressive. Padma is the first dog I've ever titled, and we made it thanks to your help. I look forward to working with you to get Padma additional titles."

Jennifer Christiani, Founder and Designer, bon Christiani

Quen Skocicka Samota

I contacted Martina after hearing very good feedback on her services on a

popular working board website. I think we hit it off right away. I

explained what I wanted to do, what I was looking for, what I liked, and

what I didn't and she didn't hesitate to help me find the right dog. She

didn't just send me dog after dog after dog like most importers do, just

to make the sale...she really listened to what I wanted and helped me to

find the right fit. About a month later, my dog, Quen, arrived. After he

had time to settle, I realized he was everything I wanted and I think

more. We are still working, learning, bonding, and training together, but

he impresses me every day and Martina was great in answering all my

questions, concerns, and anxiety about bringing in a new dog.

Quen and I are hoping to earn our BH in the fall and go on to bigger and

better things. He is extremely stable, a little sensitive to me, but no

one else, social, sound nerves, had awesome ball drive, excellent grips,

and has a love for the work. Bart Bellon worked my dog, as does John

Soares and I believe these trainers like what they see. I'm always

getting compliments on his striking bite work and good temperament.

As for Martina, I would not hesitate to go to her again for my next dog,

and hopefully someday she can see Me and Quen work, as I know she will be

proud. She's the type of person that takes pride in what she brings to

you. All my best.

Lori Minardi, Director of Training,

Owner of Artus Petra Chelcickeho

I was put in touch with Martina through a good friend who had gone to her for help finding a dog. It is true that the best referrals come satisfied customers. Martina was able to help me get a dog which is turning out to be perfect for my needs. Throughout the process Martina's communications and follow up were great. Even after receiving my dog, we have maintained contact. I could not be happier with her services and the dog I got. Martina is in my short list of people to contact when looking for a new dog.

J Muniz

Elizabeth and Karl Jensen,

owners of Orion z Aconda, son of Orin z Jirkova Dvora and Annie van den Heuvel

I contacted Martina and explained to her what my husband and I were looking for in a German shepherd puppy. Martina told me about her upcoming litter and that she thought there could be a puppy in there for us. Although there were only two puppies in the litter Martina felt confident that the darker one would be a great match for us. Orion is now 13 months old and he continues to amaze us. He loves people and children and wants to be in the middle of anything going on in our house. He is extremely laid back and is very cautious around our 3 month old son. Every new thing we try with him that we anticipate having "puppy" issues with, he meets and exceeds our expectations."

I would highly recommend Martina as a breeder. In addition to selecting the best puppy for us, she is also a wonderful resource that we continue to use.

Elizabeth Jensen