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Dancingroad-z Tancujucej Cesty

                     German Shepherd Idaho

2012 Events

Treasure Valley WDC

October, 2012

Our own Nemah got her BH!

Treasure Valley Working Dog Club

June 9-10th 2012

"Lena" (Alexa Morgan vom Schraderhaus) obtained her AD and BH on June 10th of 2012. Also Trina vom Scharderhaus had a very successful day. She obtained her BH, AD and TR1 title all in one event.Both girls are owned by Jean Schrader in WA.

We are excited to work "Lena" further and obtain more titles with her in the

                                                            upcoming events.

2010 Events

USA Nationals in Carson City, Nevada

November 3-7th, 2010

Orin tracked on a field we all avoid; hard, dried, cut alfalfa field where we could see the cracks in the dirt with some packed areas with dried, sharp grass poking out. I looked at the field and I think it said it all... I lost faith in finishing the run. After seing the first dog not show any interest for the track, my fear doubled. I started Orin and after about 20 paces he turned his head to me with : "really? this is it?" look and after my assurance he kept working. He worked from the beginning to the end, he never stopped and when he got lost he kept looking for the scent till he finished the track... and he would have kept going even further! Orin finished the track with 71 points, the hardest points so far! Orin tracked his way to a 2010 USA FH2 Champion. I am honored to own a friend that will never dissapoint me, will never stop working for me, and will never doubt my handling.

Thank you for your support my friends! Thanks to the track layers and to Al for not leaving before my dog came up to track and letting me know that we did well. Thank you all for believing in my dog. Thank you for you friendships and kind words! Ann Marie thank you for taking up the Fh2 judging.

Orin and I are off to the next goal....... we hope to see you on tracking fields!

Thank you Jim and Sharon for the picture.

2010 USA Nationals, Carson City

Treasure Valley Working Dog Association

is hosting a Shutzhund trial in October 9-10th, 2010

Judge: Jacob Meyer

Eina vom Schraderhause deserved her 99 points in TR1.

Way to go Eina!!!

Eina vom Schraderhause AD, BH, TR1 

As always Heidi and the club members made it fun!!

Thank you and see you in your spring trial!

Big Sky Schutzhund Club

hosted a Schutzhund trial on August 13th and 14th, 2010 in Bozeman, MT

Judge: Mike Caputo

Orin z Jirkova Dvora finished his FH2 title with respectable 87 points

Eina vom Schraderhause recieved her BH title

The whole trial was so much fun. The hospitality and friendly welcoming attitude of the club was a very refreshing experience. Thank you very much guys for being so nice, helpful and welcoming.

I can wait to come and get more titles at your events.

Thank you.

Treasure Valley Working Dog Association

is hosting a Schutzhund Trial and a Breed survey in April of 2010

Judge; Johannes Grawe

Orin z Jirkova Dvora obtained his FH1 tracking title

Thank you for everything!

I will see you soon.

2009 Events

Treasure Valley Working Dog Association

is hosting a Schutzhund Trial on November 14- 15, 2009

Judge : SV Judge Vic Wilms

Orin z Jirkova Dvora recieved his SchH3 title

Eina vom Schraderhouse got her AD

Thank you all TVWDA members.

Heidi Theis

Cell Phone: 208-250-5647 - Home Phone: 208-585-3825

Email: [email protected]